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                 After Dyslexia and A.D.D.  I never believed and or thought about writing. a book let alone ones that would impact peoples lives through the Lord things have become possible in so many ways we all struggle with things.  I could not write well or even comprehend the best way to start and how we function through our fears is about the possible thoughts of others it is what hurts God's greatness and impact through us.  God is so "funny" and allows us to realize what He wants not what we are doing but what He wants for us and from us.  We are all called to impact and do the things we are built to do we can accept it or we can not and lean back into our selves but God is trying not to push our limits but show us we may not have the ones we think we have! So here I am writing books and doing videos and singing as he lets me and shows me we have to step out to do what He is seeing for us. 


This book is about letting God be greater through you in all areas of your life and over coming the darkness of anything you have ever faced. We are called past our problems and our areas to impact and allow the lord to move in and through us. This will cause you to be greater in and through Him! By His might and Spirit. I share struggles and areas that i have had to over come with Him and for Him to be greater through me. and not get in the way in my self.


THIS BOOK IS ABOUT THE HOLY SPIRIT AND HOW we are created to impact with Him.   He guides us and tells us walks with us through these areas of forward to hear His voice and the whisper of God's heart and the power of who he is.
The steps that have helped me hear Him and allowed Him to live through me.  
Testimonies and How to listen and the out come not listening and  listening and the benefits of all that comes with the Holy Spirit speaking and following through.


SEEK IS A 15 DAY DEVOTIONAL, that will guide you through seeking the face of God powerful when we seek Him and His way to lean into His moment not ours. Pushing self aside and seeking, finding and serving Him.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. Not next not later or second but first.
Leaning and learning to seek.