B's Story

How it all started...

               Well I was singing in church at a young age and then all the sudden somethings where said to me stop singing and only mouth the words. I stopped singing for years after that it was not that I  hated singing and I hated being in front of people. One day my mother put me into a church singing contest after hearing me and that was the beginning of singing again and where it restarted for me .  I had a heart for God and  ministry and music was not the place satan wanted me to be so he started at a young age.
I was adopted at 4 months and brought up by a diverse family Black Pentecostal and Russian Mennonite, Diversity in unity. Who fostered over 160 kids and adopted 2 children God has given me a unique story to tell for God.
I suffered so many things some at the hand of myself many at the hand of others in ministry and in pain but there was so much God had for me to do for Him.  here are some of the things I have faced and been real about God removing from my life. 
  • Diversity. (Mixed with Black, White and Native American Mix)
  • Adopted. at 4 months given up from a 13 year old mother
  • Learning disabilities to success. (Dyslexia and A.D.D.)
  • Grew up with 100 + Foster Kids. 
  • Over coming fear with faith. (Insecurities and all other areas)
  • Past of hurt and pain to healing and God's love. 
  • Follower to Leader.
  • Unsuccessful to accomplishing through God!

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There is more for you and through you God wants to do... 

Expanding the vision...

Building to serve
ministry is not about just singing it is about serving.

Where we are headed... TOGETHER

" 100 Nights of Worship / Online Impact / Ministry On The Ground"
Impacting the nation with music and video to share the gospel and forward.
Giving space for the changing of  the hearts of people across the nation in the presence of God!